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53. Heat pipe New Chapter
Heat pipe consists of an envelope, a wick and a working fluid, which combines both thermal conductivity and phase transition to effectively transfer heat between two solid interfaces.... more

52. Zaward’s Ceramic Heat Sink
Elimination of wastewater, reduction of carbon dioxide, and renewable energies are what the public opinions shift nowadays, governments and politicians worldwide are forming new policies.... more

51. Solution for closed environment
“Alexa, turn on the light; Google, play that song“– Yes, AI and 5G have been slowly integrated into on our daily basis, which brings us convenience and mobility.... more

50. Factors That Affect Thermal Performance Part I
5G, AI, and IoT are all booming technologies nowadays and will soon be everywhere in our daily life. One predominant factor in these technologies is “heat management”... more

49. Applications for blower fan
Credit to the unique appearance of housing and the circular impeller, the blower fan generates direct airflow under high-pressure conditions. The greatest advantage is that it provides more... more

48. What is EC fan
The evolution of plant-based burger “Beyond Meat”, which the meat looks and tastes like real beef goes viral and its mission is to help create a more... more

47. LED lighting heat sink
Around 1 billion people worldwide still lack access to electricity despite light bulbs invented by Thomas Edison for almost 140 years. The UN has set a target date to achieve universal access to power of 2030... more

46. Novelty in thermal field: Graphite Sheet
Trade war between the US and China has intensified and escalates to another level. Rare earths, which China accounts for more than 90% of global production,... more

45. Solution for limited space application
Did you ever encounter the limited space, prerequisite low noise, and a tight budget for thermal solution? No panic, here is the answer – vapor chamber... more

44. Sustainability in DC fan
Sustainability takes many forms from sustainable cities, green buildings, to renewable energies. Renewable energy as full power resources is the target set for many big corporations... more

43. Sustainability in Heat Sink Process Part II
Continuing the topic from last month, this issue we shift to our measures to work with the supply chain and comply with the environmental regulations from the local authority... more

42. Sustainablity in Heat Sink Process
“Carbon footprint reduction, greenhouse gas emissions, and renewable energy are hot topics and often discussed. People are aware of the energy crisis and devoted to leading their lifestyle more sustainably... more

41. DC Fan in Home Appliances
What pops up in your mind when it comes to DC fan? The general public often sees DC fan used as the cooling gear in the hot summer or a significant component in PC... more

40. Pros&Cons of Different Kinds of Heat Sinks
When it comes to design or develop electronic devices, computers, home applications or LED lights, thermal management is a key factor and heat sinks keep the device cool... more

39. Heat Sinks for Automotive Industry
The automotive industry is experiencing the revolutionizing process. Electric vehicle, autonomous driving (self-driving cars) and car sharing are the megatrends and new innovations and business models like ... more

38. Zaward's active cooler
Active cooling is a combination of the heat sink and the fan, using the fan to remove the heat quickly from components and advance efficiency and stability of the system; as opposed to passive cooling, that dissipates heat solely on a heat sink... more

37. IP Technology
Drastic climate change and advanced technology have created inevitable severe environments for machinery, resulting in demands of durable and long life spanned parts. Fans with IP (ingress protection) technology are built to prevent dust and waterproofed,... more

36. Ceramic heatsink
Ceramic Heatsink is made of Silicon Carbide (SiC) , compared to traditional aluminum and copper solutions, the combination of the larger surface area provided by the porous structure and higher levels... more

35. Zaward's AC Fan Series
What is AC? AC stands for Alternating Current, which is an electric current periodically reversing direction, in frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz. AC fans offer constant air flow with less power consumption,... more

34. Zaward's DC Fan Series
A recent movie “Hidden Figures” unveils the story of three amazing women and the transition from human to electronic computing during the mid-20th century. Computing has evolving drastically,... more

33. Zaward's passive cooler
Sustainability and reducing carbon emissions are the growing concerns and popular topics worldwide. The technology of passive cooling is a perfect fit for nowadays environment-minded society... more

32. Fan Noise Level
Cooling fan, a commodity product in thermal solution, has various options subject to function, noise level, and appearance. The fan noise level, a major sound source, has always been the focus in the thermal industry... more

31. Forging Heat Sink
Forging, a rapid manufacturing process formed under high pressure and in room temperature, also names as “cold forging”. The workpiece is squeezed into a die until it is perfectly shaped... more

30. DC Blower
Fan, a significant part in active cooling, plays the role of circulating airflow for heat convection. We generalize DC fans in two categories, axial fans and blowers, with a distinct operating difference... more

Fan Air Flow Measurement
29. FanAir Flow Measurement
Air flow is one of the key performance indicators when it comes to fan performance. The measuring instrument evaluates the air flow of DC fans and provides statistics for further improvements... more

Surface Treatment–Electrostatic Coating
28. Surface Treatment–Electrostatic Coating
Following by anodizing and electroplating, this issue we continue with another surface treatment “Electrostatic Coating”. It is a process that efficiently applying certain or ... more

Optional Fan Functions
27. Optional Fan Functions
Fan performance is essential in thermal related products. Modifying electrical function is commonly applied which we have introduced in last year’s edition... more

Surface Treatment Introduction
26. Surface Treatment Introduction
Surface treatment is a value-added final touch for heat sinks. It not only enhances thermal conductivity, duration but also gives aesthetic nuance on heat sink outlook. Zaward offers various surface treatment such as anodizing,... more

Bearing Type and Lifetime
25. Bearing Type and Lifetime
In the mainstream of thermal solution, cooling fans take a major place. When choosing a fan, fan longevity, mounting, noise and rotation speed are factors to consider. And life expectancy is one of the most important factors of fan’s performance... more

Die cast heat sink
24. Die cast heat sink
Die casting is a highly efficient manufacturing process that widely adopted in thermal field. With the advantages of producing parts like complex shapes, consistent dimension, premier quality and quick production turnover... more

Board Level Heat Sink
23. Board Level Heat Sink
Numerous electronic circuits are on the printed circuit board (PCB), particularly for semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, diodes, rectifiers, transistors, etc...more

Board Level Heat Sink
22. Board Level Heat Sink
Numerous electronic circuits are on the printed circuit board (PCB), particularly for semiconductor devices such as microprocessors, diodes, rectifiers, transistors, etc...more

internal fan structure
21. internal fan structure
When it comes to active cooling devices, fan plays an important role. Fan is a complex component which is constructed by various parts. Today we focus on the most significant part – Internal structure...more

Bonded heat sink
20. Bonded heat sink
What is your stereotype when it comes to bonded heat sink? Individual straight fins bonded to base? This is no longer the case. Zaward has recently launched “Wavy Bonded Heat Sink”...more

Optional function of dc fan
19. Optional function of dc fan
DC fans were Zaward’s initial product line in thermal solution. For the time being, we continue to develop various functions enhancing performance of DC fans and fulfilling client’s requirements...more

Introduce fan optional function
18. Introduce fan optional function
Restrained from the budget and in need of high CP (Cost-Performance) value heat sink? Stacked heat sink would be your second to none option, gathering efficient cost, flexible design and functional feature in one...more

Introduce mini fan
17. Introduce mini fan
Mini Fan Series Light-weight, thin, portable, mobile and high-efficient are the trend of nowadays technology designs. Zaward has been watching the market closely and implementing such elements to our products. The latest released mini fan models,...more

Introduce CNC machining
16. Introduce CNC machining
CNC machining (Computer Numerical Control machining) is a widely adopted process for heat sink in thermal industry. The machinery precisely implements the geometrical heat sink structure and waives tooling costs...more

Introduce industrial DC fan
15. Introduce industrial DC fan
Zaward has been devoted ourselves in thermal industry for 20 years. To fit the rapidly growing demand in industrial field, we’ve just announced 2 new models, one is 48V 12038 DC fan (120x120x38 mm), with low power consumption and stable rotation,...more

How to choose your ideal heat sink
14. How to choose your ideal heat sink
Heat sink is the fundamental solution in thermal industry. With various heat sink process and surface treatment, what is the best method to choose and design the ideal heat sink? Power dissipation, Application, Surrounding and Dimension are the four key factors to start with...more

Heat pipes and Vapor Chamber
13. Heat pipes and Vapor Chamber
When it comes to thermal solutions, Heat pipes play a critical role due to its capability of accelerating heat dissipation. Vapor chamber is a rising star in thermal solution as it offers higher efficiency in cooling the system temperature...more

Golf Fan
12. Golf Fan
Golf Fan, this exclusive patented product featuring unique impeller golf dimple structure surface, not only enhances the airflow performance but also reduces the noise level In comparison to conventional fans...more

Liquid cooling pad
11. Liquid cooling pad
An innovation inspired by shoebox apartment living style in metropolitan cities for thermal industry - A small scale cooling plate with outstanding thermal dissipation and efficiency for high power consumption equipment...more

Skived Fin
10. Skived Fin
"Integral structure" concept which optimizes the thermal conductivity to the maximum by the large surface area and allowing airflow ventilation. Skived fin heat sink is a unique machining process invented from Japan...more

How to select the right fan
9. How to select the right fan
In any electronic and industrial equipment which using cooling fans, airflow comes as a decisive parameter for heat dissipation. Here are the 6 key parameters and and 3 steps guiding to select the right fan...more

Extrusion Application
8. Extrusion Application
Continuing our last episode of Aluminum extrusion process, in this episode, we introduce the related applications in Active / Passive cooling, Chipset heat sinks and High torque ration series...more

Aluminum Extrusion Process
7. Aluminum Extrusion Process
Aluminum extrusion is widely used in various ranges due to aluminum's unique physical characteristics. It's is a process forcing material rod into a under high temperature, creating aluminum section material...more

LED light Heat sink
6. LED light Heat sink
Global warming is an essential issue worldwide and leads trends of environmental awareness, green technology and sustainability recycling. High efficiency with low power consumption thermal solutions are broadly applied in LED lighting industry...more

Stability, efficiency, reliability plus low noise are the main criteria when selecting a good CPU cooler. It is more beneficial if a cooler is compatible with both Intel and AMD CPUs, the two business tycoon dominating the market...more

4. Fan
Fan is a commonly used product in our everyday life. What is the difference between DC /AC Fan, blower, VGA and industrial fan and in which application do they make best used of...more

Heatink II
3. Heatink II
Continuing introduction of heat sink process, Die-Casting, Stamping and Friction Stir Welding processes, and LED heat sink. Giving detailed analysis and finding the best process for each individual demand...more

Heatink I
2. Heatink I
Heatsink, the most well-known solution in thermal industry. Each process implements in different application. Introducing Skiving, Forging, Bonded Fin and CNC Machining in this newsletter...more

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