• Unique patent Golf dimple blade reduces 15% noise level at the same RPM & airflow.
  • Low Noise level from 10.1~20.3dBA depends on fan speed.
  • Long life expectancy of 60,000 hours in 40 degree C.
  • It increases fan's efficiency and reduces current consumption.
  • Package: 60pcs/carton
  • Patent No:M259470
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  • Rubber fan mounts
  • M5 x 10 screws
  • Unique patent Golf dimple blade
  • Fan
Dimension140 x 140 x 25mm
Fan Speed300±250rpm ~ 1200±250 rpm
Bearing TypeDuro bearing
Max.Air Flow74.14 CFM
Noise Level10.1 ~ 20.3 dBA
Operation Voltage12V
Life Expectancy60,000 Hrs
Net Weight166g

Zaward Golf Fan GII Review


Jau prieš kurį laiką, techpill.lt yra gavę kompanijos Zaward Golf II 140mm ventiliatorius. Dėl laiko stokos šie ventiliatoriai pas mus užsistovėjo, tad šiandien atradęs truputį laiko nusprendžiau išbandyti ar verti šie ventiliatoriai savo kainos ir mūsų visų laiko.

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Tech Review on Zaward Golf Fan GII


Many of you wouldn’t have heard of Zaward before and don’t feel disheartened if you’re one, they’re a fairly new company specializing in specifically computer cooling. One of the most innovative products in their catalogue is what’s called the ‘Golf Fan II’. Unlike most case fans, the Golf Fan 2 features a patent golf-ball-like texture on its fins which according to Zaward reduces noise levels by 15% at the same RPM and airflow. Now I’ve reviewed a lot of case fans in my day and many boast large claims like this, to find out whether Zaward’s marketing department are not just playing about, let’s put it to the test and find out whether it’s true to its word.

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Zaward Golf Fan GII on brainbox.co.kr



 컴퓨터부품 전문유통기업 프리원인터내셔널(www.freeone.kr)은 최근 대만과 일본에서 공개되어 호평 받은 바 있는 ZAWARD GolfFan II를 국내에 출시한다고 밝혔다.

 ZAWARD는 1986년 대만에서 창업한 글로벌테크놀러지의 자회사다. 컴퓨터 부품 중에 파워 부분 팬으로 이미 잘 알려진 회사로 1995년 자워드라는 자회사를 설립했으며, 유럽과 독일 시장을 시작으로 현재는 일본에서 지사 설립을 통해 성공한 상태다. 월 1,800만개의 쿨러를 판매하고 있으며, 500명의 중국 공장 직원들과 50명의 대만, 일본 지사로 구성되어 있다. 국내에는 2006년 골프팬 시리즈를 처음 출시하여 호평을 받은 바 있다.

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Zaward Golf Fan GII on dcinside.com



컴퓨터부품 전문유통기업 프리원인터내셔널(www.freeone.kr)이 소음을 대폭 줄인 'ZAWARD GolfFan II'쿨러를 선보인다. 

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Zaward Golf Fan GII on PCWorld.fr


Le taiwanais Zaward revient aujourd'hui avec une nouvelle version de son ventilateur Golf...

Zaward est une marque relativement récente, lancée en 2005, et est la branche grand public de Globefan, qui vend aussi ses ventilateurs en OEM à de nombreux fabricants plus connus. Zaward avait lancé il y a quelque temps des Golf Fan. Ces ventilateurs ont des pales à la surface impactée, un design similaire à celui d'une balle de golf, d'où le nom. L'objectif est d'améliorer le flux d'air sans que les émissions sonores n'augmentent elles aussi. La firme taiwanaise lance aujourd'hui une nouvelle version, les Golf Fan II. Les nouveaux venus sont équipés d'un moteur DURO d'origine japonaise.

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