RMA Instructions

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RMA Instructions

Do not ship the defective product to Zaward before contacting customer support.

1. Claim the product defects through emails or faxes detailing the defects or damages with proof of purchase order and shipment invoice.

2. Obtain a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number from Zaward.

3. Return the defective product attached with RMA No., the proof of purchase order and the shipment invoice.

4. The returned product must be packed properly and securely to prevent from damages in transit.

5. The purchaser must pre-pay all the shipping cost including the import duty incurred for Zaward.

Upon receipt of return product, warranty verification will be executed with priority. If a return product does not meet warranty verification, then the testing and repair fee will be charged to the purchaser

Purchaser has the option to receive replacement or refund the purchased price for defective product. All the shipping cost for repaired or replaced product is required to be paid by the purchaser