• Beginning in 2006, ZAWARD has implemented patented dimple surface design as impellers of fan in ZAWARD products.  The distinctive shape of the GOLF FAN has become a trademark of ZAWARD.
  • G3 GOLF FAN is designed to be quiet, speedy and anti-vibration.  The choice to cool quietly is G3 only.
  • Hexagonal dimple blade with an aerodynamic lift effect to raise airflow.
  • The wide angle air intake of G3 frame even surpassed ZAWARD’s own expections.  G3 series fulfills all your cooling needs.
  • Germany Patent No: Nr.20 2010 008 909.3
  • Certificate of Utility Model Registration No: 3164940
  • US Patent pending
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  • Rubber fan mounts
  • M5 x 10 screws
  • 3-4 pin adapter cable
  • New hexagon dimple surface
  • Wide angle air intake
  • Fan
Dimension140 x 140 x 25mm
Fan Speed800±250rpm
Bearing TypeDuro bearing
Max.Air Flow64.37 CFM
Noise Level11.0 dBA
Operation Voltage12V
Life Expectancy60,000 Hrs
Net Weight145.4g
Colourframe: transparent black ; blade: blue



宁静的PC系统是不少人梦寐以求的。要达到这个目标,低噪声高性能的散热器是一个关键环节,为此厂商们也在不断努力,希望有一天能使高性能的系统不再有扰人的噪声。散热风扇均采用日本技术的Duro Bearing液态轴承,寿命可达60000小时。而随风扇附带的橡胶防震钉也能有效缓冲风扇运转时与散热器硬件之间接触的震动。采用特殊的高尔夫球表面设计,能更有效的带动空气,让风量集中,也减少流失的空阻所带来的风切,进而提高散热效能,降低噪音。现在ZAWARD南实又推出了GOLF FAN G3第三代产品,加强了高尔夫球扇面的设计。

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Review: Zaward Golf Fan G3


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Zaward Generation 3 Golf Fan 120mm & 140mm Review


When you consider our testing of these fans, I'd say Zaward did an amazing job with their product, as these fans easily meet the specs they say on the box, even if the airflow does fall a bit short. The real downfall to these fans is the static pressure. Even if you factor in these fans are rather low in terms of rotational speed, the static pressure needs to be increased, as the 120mm or 140mm fans can easily get chocked up, if three or more 3.5" HDD/SSD devices are packed in front of them. Which, this is the case when you're talking about intake fans on most computer cases.

Legit Bottom Line: Zaward's G3 Golf Fan lineup is an innovative and quiet solution for the exhaust or side panel of your computer case. (read more)

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Ревю на Zaward ZG3-140C


Тест при работно напрежение от 12V: (Test for operating voltage of 12V:)

Последният от серията тестове, които провеждам се осъществи при работно напрежениe от 12V, като вентилатора достигна скорост на въртене на перката от 900 оборота в минута и ниво на потока от 70,08 кубични метра за час. Тук малко ме изненадаха тези 900 оборота в минута, при условие, че вентилаторът е обявен за 800 оборота. Е да, има отклонение, но още при разработването на вентилатора, той директно достигна тази стойност, без изобщо да увеличава плавно от 800 оборота в минута. (The last series of tests, which takes place in the work place naprezhenie of 12V, as fans reach speeds of rotation of 900 rpm and at a flow rate of 70.08 cubic meters per hour. This surprised me a little these 900 rpm, provided that the fan has been announced for 800 rpm. Well, there is a deviation, but by design of the fan, he has reached this value directly, without any increases smoothly from 800 rpm.)

Остана едно единствено нещо да коментирам и това е нивото на шума. Може би някой е забелязал, но никъде не писах как се представя вентилаторът като шум. Ами според мен – просто чудесно. На практика при нито един тест не се чуваше нито шум от въртенето на перката, нито шум от преминаващ въздух, дори на разстояние под 10см. (Remained only one thing to comment and that is noise. Maybe someone has noticed, but never wrote what is presented as fan noise. Well I think - just great. In virtually any test not heard any noise from the rotation of the propeller or the sound of flowing air, even at less than 10 cm.)

Лично според мен, този модел е прекрасен за монтаж на някой от отворите на кутия, като не бих го препоръчал за монтаж на охладител, особено охлаждащ овърклокнат процесор и то поради простата причина, че статичното налягане е доста слабо. Това мое твърдение, мисля, че е явно подкрепено от съпътстващата окомплектовка на вентилатора и стартовото напрежение на вентилатора, което лично аз мисля, че този вентилатор изобщо не се нуждае от регулиране. (For me, this model is great for mounting one of the holes in the box, I would not recommend the installation of the cooler, especially overclocked processor and cooling it for the simple reason that the static pressure is quite low. This is my statement, I think that is clearly supported by the accompanying accessories and fan starting voltage of the fan, which I personally think that this fan does not need adjustment.)

Според мен Zaward ZG3-140C си заслужава следната награда: (I think Zaward ZG3-140C worth following prizes:)

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